MobiTrolley is a purchasing experience solution for the consumers, who would get on-the-fly offers on their smart phone’s retail shopping app, while scanning the barcode of a particular product they are interested in, through a massive predictive analytics engine that the retailers have adopted for the effective campaign management.

What is MobiTrolley Solution ?

The solution is a package of a mobile application for consumers and a web-application for retailers.

Now, the retailers need not schedule data extraction from their OLTP servers during non-working hours to analyze the data later. Instead they can analyze their large volumes of everyday data with the help of SmartStock application to make quick decisions for setting the product offers by observing sales performance in the form of charts and graphs.

MobiTrolley app helps consumers to scan a product and avail exciting offers through the mobile app. The app helps retailer to gather  consumer purchase behavior, so that in turn help consumers to get best offers across the categories and products that they have bought and intend to buy in the future.

Why MobiTrolley ?

  • Increased footfall
  • Revolutionary in-store digital marketing to compete with e-tailers
  • Great way for customer retention
  • Cross sell and Upsell
  • On-the-fly precise offers and discounts
  • Store operation cost savings

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