Being right might be the foundation for every success, but it isn’t the success in entirety. Success may have the component of not so right thing, but would eventually become right after a ton of iterations and changes made as per the requirements.

Hence any organization that starts, does not have the component of being right at the initial stages. However, the vision to take things to right is essential. The leader needs to set his/her objectives clear that “if this is done this way, then it would lead to a betterment for ourselves and then the same stuff can be given to the society that it worked for us and it would work for you too” with the above philosophy.

We have learnt y=f(x) in the past, y=f(x1+x2+x3+x4….xn), where ‘y’ is what the leader is represented is ‘x’ is the team or organization. The leader forms and builds their team with trust, faith and confidence that they have got the best resources for accomplishing goals and objectives. The value is when the team corresponds to the objectives set. The success is when there is consistency and the proving capacity is constantly exceeding the goals set. When some asks “Why is that so?”, the answer one would get is “Well, this is a competitive world! It works that way”. It is tough to say that individually, one can exceed anything. However, it’s a general understanding that the collaborative effort is the key.

Many times, it is the idea generator who would be in attention to represent their team. Idea generator may or may not be the leader who leads the organization of which the relevant teams are part of. But recognizing such talent within the team is the essential characteristic of the leader and most important aspect for collaboration. While the leader does that, the focus should be just the betterment for their team/organization/company and no other personal stuff should supersede anything aforesaid.

By encouraging innovation, the team will always be enthusiastic on doing something new and happy for learning and thinking different than that of the others. It takes a true instinct for the leader to set such objectives for the team throughout and then the shift to right happens, when things are carried on to get those objectives accomplished with a more colourful and a better stuff as a result that has superseded the original idea, which turned out to be a great benefit to the team and the organization as a whole.

The general formula for such thing to happen within any organization is as below:

“Y = X1(i2+t2+d2) + X2(i2+t2+d2)……+Xn(i2+t2+d2)”

Where Y = representation
X is the team or organization with the components
I = innovation
T = timeliness
D = delivery

That individually ‘squares’ itself to perform better than the others. When it does and is well recognized, then success automatically comes along!