Collaboration means to collaborate i.e, to work with each other to do a task. This is more than deep, collective determination to achieve the identical objective.

One can set an objective through the following:

• Think of an idea and conceptualize it
• Bring others to be in line and achieve a set goal

When all are in sync, there emerges a common understanding.

• The common understanding would lead to common vision
• With that arises the true ownership and accountability.
• It leads for an agreement to do something.
• It gives energy to always light up in order to accomplish a common goal.
• The common goal would be bigger one than the individual goal.
• That enlightens the relevant to innovate.
• Then that cycle continues.

It leverages all the available resources and asserts to optimize those in such a manner that the result is always beneficial to:

• Solve some problem
• Gain great insights

Showcase the right stuff to all the stakeholders (so they can take the right decisions for their people, processes and largely for their organization’s betterment).